Custom User Links: 6.4.x

The Custom User Links module allows you to specify links that will be displayed in the Theme My Login user panel when a user is logged in. Custom links can be assigned per user role. Each user role is listed as a sub-tab when viewing the "User Links" tab of the Theme My Login settings page. If you do not see the "User Links" tab while viewing the Theme My Login settings page, click on the "General" tab, followed by the "Modules" sub-tab. Then check "Enable Custom User Links" and click "Save Changes".

The following settings apply to each user role. For the sake of less redundancy, they will only be listed once. By default, there are already links for "Dashboard" and "Profile" per each user role once the module is activated.

Adding Links

New links can be added by using the form labeled "Add New Link". Simply enter a title for the link in the "Title" field and the URL in the "URL" field. Once you’re done, click the "Add Link" button next to the fields. Alternatively, you can click the primary "Save Changes" button if you wish.

Editing Links

You will see existing links in a table with "Title" on the left and "URL" on the right. From this table, links can be re-arranged, edited and deleted. To edit a link, simply change the fields as you wish and then click the corresponding "Update" button. Alternatively, you can click the primary "Save Changes" button if you wish to edit multiple rows at once.

Deleting Links

To delete a link, simply click the corresponding "Delete" button in the same row as the link you want to delete.

Reordering Links

To reorder the links, simply drag and drop the rows as you see fit. Click the "Save Changes" button when you are done.