Configuring Google

In order to configure Google, you must first create a Google project in order to obtain a Client ID and secret. You may do so at

Select or Create a Project

At the top of the screen, click on the "Select Project" dropdown.
On the modal that appears, select your project, or if you have never created a project, click on "New Project".

Give your project a name, select your organization (this may or may not be present depending on your account type), select a location, and then click "Create".

Now, click on "APIs and Services" in the left menu.

Click on "OAuth consent screen" in the left menu, select "External" user type and then click "Create".

On the next screen, fill out your App name and User support email.

Scroll down to "Authorized domains" and add your domain name to the list.

Under "Developer contact information", enter your desired email under Email addresses. Click "Save And Continue".

On the "Scopes" page, click "Add or Remove Scopes".

Select ".../auth/", "../auth/userinfo.profile", and "openid". Click "Update" at the bottom.

Verify the selected scopes are present and click "Save and Continue".

Until your app is verified, only test users may use it. Add your users on the next screen and click "Save and Continue".

Now click on the "Credentials" menu item, and then click "Create Credentials".

Choose "OAuth Client ID".

On the next screen, select "Web application" for "Application type". Give the client a name, or leave the default. For "Authorized redirect URIs", you will simply use your TML login page URL with the provider appended as a query argument. By default, this would be https// Click "Create".

Obtain Client ID & Client Secret

Copy and paste your Client ID and Client Secret into their corresponding fields in the TML Social settings.

Don't forget to check "Enable" and then click "Save Changes".

Login With Google

You will now see "Log in with Google" on your login form.