Configuring Security

After you have installed the extension, you must configure it. You can find the Security settings under Theme My Login → Security.

Throttling & Lockout

This section contains the settings for controlling login throttling and lockout. The settings are outlined below.

Login Attempts

Enter the number of failed login attempts you wish to allow before locking out an IP address.

Lockout Threshold

This is the amount of time the above defined attempts must occur in before lockout occurs.

Lockout Duration

This is the amount of time an IP address it locked out once the above threshold is breached with the defined number of attempts.

Invalid Usernames

Check "Immediately lockout invalid usernames" to lock out any IP address who enters a username which does not exist.


Minimum Length

This is the minimum length of characters a password must be in order to be accepted.


These are a list of requirements that a password must meet in order to be accepted.