General: 6.4.x

The Theme My Login Settings page can be accessed via the WordPress Administration Panel. It can be found as a top-level menu item labeled TML.



If Enable "theme-my-login.css" is checked, theme-my-login.css will be loaded within every page of your site. By default, the stylesheet contains the bare-minimum needed to make the login form look presentable. However, your specific theme may or may not change the intended appearance drastically. If you would like to make changes to the stylesheet, copy it to your current theme’s directory. If theme-my-login.css exists in your theme’s directory, the plugin will load this version instead of the default. This is particularly useful during upgrades to the plugin, where any changes made to the stylesheet within the plugin directory will be lost. If you do not wish to load the stylesheet, simply uncheck this option.

Login Type

This setting allows you to change the information that your users will utilize to log into your site. By default, WordPress allows either username or email to log in. However, with this setting, you can alternatively choose to force users to use either only their username or only their email.


As of version 6, Theme My Login now utilizes "modules" to extend the functionality of the base plugin. Theme My Login modules are similar to WordPress plugins, in the sense that they allow you to extend the basic functionality of the plugin as needed, without otherwise "bloating" the code. Theme My Login comes bundled with many useful modules by default. These modules are as follows:

Managing Modules

In order to enable or disable a module, visit the Theme My Login settings page, click on the General tab, followed by the Modules sub-tab. Then check or uncheck Enable [Module Name] and click Save Changes.